Update: Child still in serious condition; driver charged with class B misdemeanor

Charles Lacy George
Charles Lacy George

One of two children hospitalized in Tyler overnight has been released after a truck barreled through a crowd of cub scouts waiting to march in the Overton-New London Christmas parade Monday night.

Seven year old Colby Brooks is still hospitalized at Mother Frances in serious condition. His parents have released a statement that reads, 'We want to thank everyone who is praying for Colby. He's on five or six prayer lists right now. We are praying and looking forward to Colby's full recovery and the day he can go back to being a cub scout in Troop 912 in New London.'

The kids were among those injured when the truck, driven by 82 year old Charles Lacy George, went through barricades and into the crowd.

Overton's city attorney told KLTV 7 News Tuesday that a total of 12 people were injured. Eight of those people were transported to hospitals for their injuries.

One child was taken to Children's Medical Center in Dallas and remains there in good condition, awaiting leg surgery.

George was given a breathalyzer last night at the scene of the accident, which showed no presence of alcohol. He was then arrested at the scene for reckless driving, and was arraigned in Judge Bob Richardson's Rusk County court Tuesday morning on a class B misdemeanor reckless driving charge.

George is accused in the arrest affadavit of driving his vehicle without headlights through the barricades as the parade was preparing to start, running over the group, and never touching his brakes prior. He told the arresting officer that he never saw the group.

George was released on $500.00 bond, and was ordered to surrender his driver's license, which he did. He was released from jail this morning.

Cathryn Khalil / ckhalil@kltv.com