Edom Festival of the Arts Returns to Town

For the last three years, something has been missing from Edom. Saturday, it returned.

Organizer Amy Pace admitted, "Tourists would come in and say when are you guys going to do something? You know, the Art Fair that was here for 27 years, that's gone. We want to come back."

After moving the festival to Tyler a few years ago, the newly formed Edom Chamber of Commerce decided to bring an art event back to Edom.

Artist John Tracy II came all the way from Mountain View, Oklahoma. "I've been doing the Edom Art Festival since the first show they had. There's a lot of people around here who appreciate it, you know, that's why we keep coming back."

Artists were chosen and recruited to come to the festival in the small town of three hundred. Artist and ten-year festival veteran Jim Koukl says, "You don't see too many small towns, especially in East Texas, have an art festival at all. This is quite an ambiance."

Edom, founded by artists, was once again home of the arts this weekend. Even though this is a new festival, many old friends were welcomed back to town. "It's like old home week, we get to see all these people again," Edom resident Jeff Basehore says. "A lot of the exhibitors know each other. It's the only time we get to see each other."

The festival in the town of three hundred drew over 3500 visitors on its first day.