''Only Guaranteed One More''

Twenty-five years ago Daingerfield made football history with what is called one of high school's greatest teams.

Twenty-five years later, the Tigers are four rounds deep in the playoffs.

But players and coaches say don't draw any comparisons.

"The 1983 team, they paved the road for us," inside linebacker Carl Moore said. "We're on our new road. We're together. They started the foundation. It's like when you build a house, we're getting there up to the top."

With the Tigers in the state quarterfinals on the 25th anniversary of Daingerfield's historic run, the comparisons are out there. But players said leave the past as just that.

"We're just our own team we have our own style," wide receiver Garrett Hughes said. "Coach tells us all the time all we have is us."

"We're just worried about what we're doing as a team in 2008," offensive lineman Zarkevian Williams said.

Ranked eighth in the state, Daingerfield is 12-1 this season and three wins from a state title. The Tigers have defeated three opponents in the post season by no less than 36 points.

"We try to not let any of that get in the way," said defensive lineman Chris Robertson. "We try to stay levelheaded and keep our head on straight and just focus on the game this week."

"We're only guaranteed one more," Garrett Hughes said, "that's what we just keep in our minds."

''Only guaranteed one more'' was a consistent phrase in coach Barry Bowman's postgame speeches. It's now the team's unofficial motto.

"Each time we win we're guaranteed one more and that's it," Coach Bowman said. "I've got kids before I ever get the chance to say it that are saying 'we're guaranteed one more. '"

That meaning has been driven home by the memory of last year's second round playoff exit.

"Last year we had a bad loss in a real close game," Zarkevian Williams said, "and I know no one on the team does not want to feel that anymore."

While the 2008 Tigers are not trying to be just like the tigers of 1983, they would not mind the same ending to their season.

"With a state championship," Hughes smiled.

Daingerfield will play Newton this Saturday at 2 p.m. at Carthage's Bulldog Stadium