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A Better East Texas: Auto Industry Support

The future of the American auto industry is still hanging in the balance of a federal bailout bill.  There are a lot of opinions floating around but you cannot dispute what the local car dealers do for our local economy.  Not only do they provide hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in economic growth, but they also assist our schools, non-profit organizations and community events. 

 But I believe that the problem with the auto industry starts are the top.  Seeing the attitude of the C-E-O's before Congress was infuriating.  And on top of that, they all flew in on their private jets.  So it is hard to feel any empathy for these guys while it is apparent that they just don't get it.  Ultimately there will have to be a major shakeup, that will need to start at the top.  It affects us here in east Texas because of the contribution that our local dealers make to our local economy. 

So during this roller coaster, support your local dealer in any way you can.  We may not all be able to buy a new car but there are a variety of services offered at most dealerships.  It is an investment in our local future and it will make for a better East Texas.

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