Water Aerobics Cures Pain

Sandy Miller spends most of her day in the pool.

"I do love the water," she says.

And rightfully so, because water gave her life back.

"I realized when I was in the water I didn't hurt," says Sandy.

Sandy has fibromyalgia, a condition causing widespread pain in her muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

"It was a living hell, it really was. You are in constant pain. You were tired all the time from fighting the pain. You really felt as if your life had ended. I was in a wheel chair and I had to wear a neck brace."

Her doctor recommended she try water aerobics to alleviate the pain.

"I had to gradually work to get into the water. At first, I was going three days a week for an hour. Then I was going every day. The water aerobics was starting to build up my muscles. It releases the pressure of the muscle and the water massages the muscles and I was able to get rid of the pain," says Sandy.

Now Sandy teaches water aerobics and inspires others who are in pain, to find relief.

"I have people stopping me everyday after class saying I walked in the mall last week, I haven't walked in the mall in years. It's nice to see people progress. They start out in a wheel chair or a walker and a month later a cane and a month later they have nothing."

Sandy says the best thing about water aerobics is that it has given her, her life back.

"It's like starting life over again. I feel like I am back in my thirties again."