Police Chief Saves His Job

After an hour of heated debate, Overton Police Chief Ed Williams learned his job was saved Thursday night.

Overton's mayor Wade Silvey moved to fire Williams at the city's regular council meeting, but no one seconded the motion.

A packed room of Williams supporters cheered as Mayor Silvey confirmed Ed Williams was still their police chief.

The mayor told the crowd Williams violated city procedures when talking to the press and using his patrol car outside city limits. The chief responded saying he's always lived outside city limits and used his car to travel back and forth from work. He added he's never received a written reprimand of any of his alleged transgressions. The chief also brought up a 2 percent raise he received last week during his annual job evaluation.

More than 20 people took to the podium last night on the chief's behalf. The police chief thanked his supporters and said he would do his best to help the city go forward.