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Staff Sergeant leaves for Afghanistan

The Staff Sergeant we were with yesterday on Thanksgiving is flying to Washington tonight, preparing to go to combat in Afghanistan.

This afternoon Staff Sergeant Tony Sunday said goodbye once again to his large family, which includes three young children.

Staff Sergeant Sunday has a 5 week old baby, Carter, 14 month old daughter Addison, and 7 year old son Gaven.

Sunday's wife Meredith says she's being strong for her children and told her husband this:

"That we'll be here when he gets back and we're praying for him and that he better make it back home safe and in one piece. We're going to really miss him and we're send him lots of videos of the kids."

"I think it gets harder every time, especially missing kids and have that feeling of the unknown. But I'm confident in the abilities and the guys I've trained with," said Sunday.

Staff Sergeant Sunday served 5 years in the Marine Corp. He's also served 5 years in the Army National Guard, but this is his first time in combat. He'll serve 9 months in Afghanistan.

Courtney Lane, reporting.

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