Six Year Old Killed After Running in Front of School Bus

Drivers pass through this tiny town of Myrtle Springs barely slowing down. The bus arrives every morning. Running late Thursday morning, and running in front of the stopped bus, six year old Christopher Trejo

"I figure the bus driver didn't see him and took off and the boy tried to catch hold of the bus," said neighbor Rayford Temple.

The first grader was caught under the tires, kids were screaming, his family rushed out, the first trooper on the scene started CPR.

"He was bleeding from the head area, there was no response at the time. We did all we could do."

78-year-old bus driver Phenes Edison Faulkner told troopers he simply didn't see Christopher. Trpr. Dalme: "The bus driver said he felt a bump. And of course the other kids started yelling at him."

Stacy Meshell Wager was on the bus. She claims it took lots of yelling, and her forcing open the bus's door before Faulkner stopped.  "We were all yelling stop wait for him, then he hit the gas then kept going, we yelled stop then I flung open the door and landed on that grass over there and started running back there screaming."

DPS says exactly what happened is still under investigation. Neighbors and all his friends at his school in Wills Point are remembering Christopher as a young boy full of promise with lots of friends.

"Christopher was a great kid never had a minutes trouble out of him," said Principal Debbie Deen.

Family  friend Mike Henson: "[He] was just a normal first grade kid, bless his little heart he just wasn't watching what he was doing."

Parents of his classmates were to talk to their children tonight about Christopher's death. It's a new lesson to many of them, grief at such a young age.