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Families Eat Thanksgiving Out In Longview

   It's becoming a new tradition for some families, getting together for thanksgiving, but letting other people handle all the work. A growing number of families are taking their celebrations to restaurants.   In Longview,  many families are choosing to let someone else do the cooking, opting for eating out on Thanksgiving.

   "You don't have to cook you don't have to clean up and you don't have all the leftovers to do something with" says Margie Moore of Marshall.

   "Well we just decided this year that it would be easier no cooking no clean-up" says Dorothy Straton of Longview.

   At places like IHOP, managers marketed the thanksgiving dinner as an alternative for cooking.

 "We have families regular customers in here during the week that actually bring their families with them here for thanksgiving dinner and its become a tradition fore them as well" says Longview IHOP manager Rita Snoden.

   "I decided to go out so don't have to mess up no dishes and clean up the mess" says William Dickerson.

    And for many its a chance to eat something other than endless turkey, steak and chicken, even pancakes were on the menu. Its not the actual cooking that's important,  but spending time together as a family.  

    Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com

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