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All Young Hands On Deck For This Year's Salvation Army Thanksgiving

There was a place for everyone.

"I'm celebrating Thanksgiving with my family," said Jayda Erwin, first time volunteer.

All of the children pitched in to help, each with their own assigned duties.

Scooter Batchelor of Jacksonville said he was on the clean up crew; he also helped serve tables.

Katie Marshall, 8, was put in charge of putting whip cream on the pumpkin pie.

Brandon and Bayleigh Lavender scooped fruit salad.  There was even a young brigade of bucket-bearing table busters, all to help make this Thanksgiving as special as possible for as many people as possible.

"I love to start them off young because they start to see that there's people here that really need they're help," said Zach Bell, captain of the Salvation Army of Tyler.

Susan Annala volunteered with her grandchildren. 

"[They] were in Mexico and they were homeless," she said.  "They know what it's like to be running around, not sure where they're going to go, where they're going to sleep at night and where they're going to eat."

Today, they gave back. 

"I think it's great," said Alycia Gonzalez.

It was kids helping kids, like Alex Brown and his family.  

"I thank them," he said. 

Alex said he appreciated all of the volunteers for taking the time to make his Thanksgiving that much better.

Just like their older counterparts, the young servers had their own innocent hopes.

"Hopefully, it'll bring some joy to their family," said Scooter Batchelor.

"I hope for them to have a Happy Thanksgiving," said Jayda Erwin.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.

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