Child Killed Trying to Board School Bus

A terrible tragedy as children were headed to school Thursday morning in Van Zandt County.

A school bus loaded children at a stop in Myrtle Springs, but one boy was running late and the driver apparently didn't see him as he pulled away.

Six-year-old Christopher Trejo was caught under the tires and killed just yards from his front door.

He was a first grader at Wills Point Primary School. Everyone who knew him says he was just like every boy his age.... full of energy.

Mike Henson, family friend: "Christopher was a good young man, rode his bicycle through the neighborhood.... He was a real nice young man, normal first grade kid, just full of activity."

The bus was driven by 78-year-old Phenes-Edison Faulkner of Wills Point. DPS says the death is under investigation and no charges have been filed. Coming up tonight at ten, we'll hear from a girl who was on the bus this morning and feels the driver could have done more to prevent what happened.