Family Owned Furniture Business Destroyed in Suspicious Fire

What used to be two stories full of furniture and one family's dream Was reduced to remnants of burned bedroom suits, sofas and dinettes Wednesday night.

"When you heard about it ya know the store is burned, it's information," says Mary Davis. "But when you see it, it's your heart, it's my baby, it's my business."

A business, Mary Davis and the ADA furniture family hadn't even had a year to nurture before the flames took over. Mary doesn't want to believe someone would intentionally try to drive ADA out of business by setting a fire, but it's a possibility.

"It makes me angry that people would waste these resources just disgusting," says Davis.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time arson investigators have had to face the ADA furniture owners.

"Well there was recently," says Davis. "Five months ago an attempt."

This time, arson or not? Smith County firefighters could not knock down the flames in the main building.  Hundreds of thousands in furniture gone, but not this owners hope in people.

"I heard there were like 85 firemen or more out here and ya know that says a lot about us as a community and a country," says Davis. "I want them to know I appreciate everything they did. It didn't save my store but ya know. It was a good job done."

Today's about looking beyond the ashes for the ADA family and to servicing their customers anyway they can while they wait to rebuild.

"The phones are on, we'll get their furniture as soon as we can and we won't give up," says Davis.

As for the investigation, the fire scene was still too hot for arson sniffing dogs and investigators Thursday.  They plan to be back at ADA first thing in the morning to see if the fire is arson or accident.