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Local hero comes home for Thanksgiving

A local hero is home for the holidays. Just a couple hours ago, Marine Corporal Ty Craig arrived at the Tyler Pounds Airport. Craig and his older brother are both serving our country, and are home for Thanksgiving. KLTV 7's Courtney Lane was there for Craig's arrival, and shows us why this family has many things to be thankful for.

Home from his second tour in Iraq, Marine Lance Corporal Ty Craig got quite a welcome.

"We got some elementary kids and junior high kids from old high school family and patriot riders and VFW members. You name it and they're here," said Craig.

Craig has about 8 months left in the Marine Corp. Next month, his older brother is completing his service in the Army.

"We have a small church but they back us up in prayer and that's how we got through it," said Paige Craig, Ty's mom.

"My grandfather, my dad's dad fought in the Korean War as a Marine, and so we've just always been a patriotic family and they knew when something needed to be done they were going to help get it done," sid Alisha McGee, Ty's sister.

Because of their service, the Craig family has sacrificed many special times together.

"For the past 8 years we've always had holidays, whether it's birthdays or Christmas or Thanksgiving or something where one of them has been gone," said Alicia.

"Long nights in the desert, you know, all you think about is coming home. So it's good to come back and see everyone caring so much. And I'm timed to be home for Thanksgiving? Yeah, it's perfect," said Craig.

Giving us an inside perspective, Craig also feels confident that President-elect Obama's military plans will work.

"Being from East Texas, most people aren't pulling for Obama but I've actually looked at his plan a little bit and it makes a lot of sense, because the war's going good over there. He's not going to pull everyone out, he says. He's going to keep people in there to still police the area and then we'll push into Afghanistan which, you know, Afghanistan is horrible right now so that's what we need to do," said Craig.

But for now, Craig is going to rest up and enjoy a home-cooked holiday meal with his family - a family that can show us all the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

"Be grateful for what you have," said Alicia.

"Elated and very thankful, very thankful," said Paige.

Craig is also meeting a baby nephew for the first time, because he was born during Craig's service in Iraq. He says he'll be rooting for the Cowboys tomorrow.

Courtney Lane, reporting. clane@kltv.com

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