Elderly Home Eviction

Home evictions are a familiar part of a Constable Frank Creath's daily job...but the circumstance today are unusual, "I came to the house and realized it was an 82 year old man," says Creath. "He explained to me at that time that he thought his house payments were being made by a family member, apparently that was not the case, he was totally surprised."

A surprise for Merlin Preston. Neighbors say Preston's been living here with his son's and family. The son, who Preston told authorities has control over his money. While Preston was arrested last week for check theft, authorities believed his son's stole a box of checks spending the money.

"If the story is true," says Creath. "Their would be basis for charges I believe...but he (Preston) is extremely reluctant to talk about it and more less take any action."

While many questions are still unanswered, a case has been turned over to Adult Protective Services. In the meantime, Constable Creath says todays rain has delayed the eviction...something he's not anxious to do. Creath is hoping help will intervene, "They're been a couple call to my office this morning," Creath says. "People who offer to maybe put his stuff in storage and find him a place to live and of course my bid ace in the hole is--adult protective services, they're the one who will ultimately be responsible for it."

Adult protective services say they have just begun their investigation...there's no word yet if any charges will be filed against Preston's family members. At this time, Merlin Preston is staying with other family members--where he is safe.