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Book next year's vacations now to lock in low prices, say travel agents

Now that gas prices are down, airlines are now dropping their fares for the holidays. Travel agents we spoke to say just within the last 2 days, airlines have dropped prices significantly. But how long will it last, and if you're booking for Christmas, when's the best time to buy?

KLTV 7's Courtney Lane has the answers.

Airfares are down as much as 25% right now. The sudden price plunge is a frantic effort by airlines to fill empty seats.

"The consumer is simply not traveling the way they were. They can still book holiday flights. The airlines are concerned about that having those seats left open so they're dropping the fares," said Sharon Howell, president of Travel Masters.

But if you fly out of Tyler or Longview and want to take advantage of the deals, you better hurry.

"Many of the seats for the day before thanksgiving are pretty well booked up...believe it or not there are some seats available for Thanksgiving day," said Dixon Davis, Tyler Pounds Regional Airport manager.

"Usually at this time of year by Thanksgiving if you haven't booked your Christmas flight, you will not be flying. But this year, the good news for the consumer is there are still seats available for Christmas and there are some last minute specials even for Thanksgiving travel," said Howell.

With low prices at the pump, many are opting to drive over the holidays, but Travel Masters says economic conditions have produced record deals. In fact, they recommend booking your vacation for next year right now.

"In 25 years we've never seen such great values for next year in cruising, tours, vacations. We have never seen these kind of prices," said Howell.

But the faster you book, the better the savings. Check online or call your travel agent right away to find a cheap Christmas flight.

"Booking now for Christmas is your window of opportunity. The more the airlines sell their seats the higher the fares will go," said Howell.

Or as one East Texan put it...

"You better get it while the getting's good!"

And again, that includes booking next year's vacation right now.

Tyler Pounds Regional Airport says to arrive an hour and 15 minutes early during the holidays.

Courtney Lane, reporting.

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