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Successful brain surgery for East Texas teen

One East Texas family has a lot to be thankful for this coming holiday. In June, we told you about 14 year old Courtney Egan of Tyler. She suffered from a brain tumor and was told if doctors removed it, she would not be able to walk or talk anymore. But as KLTV 7's Molly Reuter shows us, after lots of prayer, Courtney decided to go through with the surgery.

"The stitches just started falling out yesterday," says Courtney.

It's only been three weeks since her surgery, but already Courtney Egan is outside playing with her sisters.

"I'm glad I went through the surgery because it made me feel a lot better," says Courtney.

In June, Courtney and her mother, Teresa Wilkins, held a fundraiser at Premier Fitness in Tyler. At the time, Courtney's tumor caused her to have thousands of seizures inside her head everyday. Doctors told Courtney surgery was risky, but Courtney and Teresa say surgery was the only option.

"To get her better. She wants to have a big future and you know if they had not done this I could not see her having the future she wanted," said Teresa.

It's a chance for Courtney to be a normal teenager.

"[I can] get my driver's license because they said with the tumor I wouldn't get my driver's license," said Courtney.

And be with her family this Thanksgiving tumor free.

"Family, prayers...believing in God. It's really, you can't make it without it," said Teresa. "Just hang in there, and you will be fine."

Courtney had her surgery at Cook Children's Hospital in Dallas. She will go back there in February for a follow up to see if her seizures have stopped.

Molly Reuter, reporting.

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