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Clarification: Thanksgiving dinner pricing at East Texas grocery stores

KLTV 7 wants to clarify a story that ran last Friday on our 5:00 pm news about the cost of groceries associated with this year's Thanksgiving meal.

We hit 3 east Texas grocery chains with a list of items to see which store would save you the most. Of course, the big ticket item for any Thanksgiving meal is the turkey. And turns out, there was a mistake - a big one - with the price we were charged for the Butterball turkey at Albertson's. The store manager told us today that he mistakenly rang up the Butterball we bought there at about half of the actual cost per pound, confusing it with a turkey that was on sale.

That of course, tilted the scales heavily in favor of Albertson's, which came out as the least expensive.

There were a few other minor discrepencies that had to do with confusion over store brands vs. name brands, but the bulk of it was that cut-rate turkey.

That said, we wanted to share with you the accurate price per pound today of a Butterball turkey at the 3 stores we mentioned Friday.

Albertson's is $1.49 per pound, and if you spend $20 more, you get $5 off the total cost of your turkey. Super-1 is selling Butterballs for $1.27 per pound. Walmart's are selling at $1.12 per pound. We apologize for any confusion this caused.

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