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Smith County woman loses everything in house fire

Around 11:00 pm Sunday night, Smith County fire crews responded to reports of a house fire on CR 193.  The homeowner, Erline Smith was in Shreveport last night when the fire started, but today she tells KLTV 7's Layron Livingston her entire life has now been reduced to ashes.

"I hadn't been asleep all night...I've been up. I'm just devastated," said Erline.

When Erline Smith drove up the driveway this morning, the ashes were still smoldering.

"It's not very easy," said Erline. "My sister burned up in a fire at 16 years old 50 something years ago, and I'm deathly scared of fire."

Last night, it took more than two dozen firefighters from three different Smith County departments to put out the blaze, the house completely engulfed in flames.

Ken Meyer is a neighbor.

"I heard the sirens, and I noticed they kept getting louder and louder," said Meyer. "I decided to get up and looked out and I saw the light from the fire and everything and I ran down here...I almost went in, but they grabbed me and told me they didn't find nobody."

He says he almost ran inside, thinking Ms. Smith was still in the home. Erline says she was out of town when she got a phone call.

"I told him I was calling Junior to come out here to check it out. He called me back, he told me, mother, it's gone...your house is gone," said Erline.

And everything inside.

"I had lots of stuff that belonged to my great-grandmother, my mother. My brother was in the service, two times in the Navy, and I had a lot of his stuff," said Erline. "Just lots of memories....lots of things I can't replace."

But she's still grateful.

"Thank the Lord I got good health," said Erline.

Smith County Assistant Fire Marshal Marilynn Wilson says the fire may have started in the attic above the laundry room. The exact cause is still under investigation.

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