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Everyday Hero - Ayden Hobbs

 Ayden Hobbs When Kelly and Blake Hobbs decided to have children, they felt it was important to instill in them a sense of compassion.

So, from a young age, little Ayden and Keaton have been exposed to helping others at church and by working alongside their great-grandmother at the Troup Food Pantry. At just four years old, Ayden asked if he could help a homeless man he saw on the street.

With his mom's help, he did just that, and continues to provide food to people in need, even dipping into his own piggy bank to do so. But even Kelly was a little surprised by her son's request for his 5th birthday party.

He explained that he wanted his friends to bring food to the party, instead of presents, to donate to the Food Pantry. It's this big, caring heart of such a small 5-year-old boy that prompted us to name Ayden Hobbs our next Everyday Hero.

 Ayden is an inspiration to us all, proving that anyone of any size can do our part to make this a Better East Texas.

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