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"Marriage For Dummies" Held In Longview

      Over the past several weeks , couples at Rose Heights Baptist Church in Longview have been taking courses on improving their matrimony, titled "Marriage For Dummies."

    Their work culminated Sunday with both renewals of old marriages and a few new ones.

    "This is a church and this is a community that believes in marriage anyway so I'm not very surprised at all that we had so many that were behind this and were interested in renewing their vows" says event organizer Deena Shelton.

     Couples married from 2 years all the way up to 55 years , renewed their vows today,  and 2 young couples tied the knot for the first time.

     "After 43 years we still wanted to , we would remarry each other which we did all over again so to us  that's important" said Horace and Berdie Boyd who renewed their vows.

    "Life is all about choices and we can choose to stay together and do the right thing" says Carl and Jina Laza who've been married 14 years.  

    The happy couples held a huge party at the summit club.

   "There were hard times there were good times, but all the good times outweighed all the hard times we had" says Horace Boyd.

   "By strengthening individual marriages you can strengthen cities , strengthen states and strengthen the nation" Shelton says.

    Marriage can work and these couples are living proof.

   "Nothing is too hard to overcome together" says Berdie Boyd.

   More than 80 couples renewed their vows in today's ceremony.

   Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com

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