Police Chief Fights For His Job

The mayor of Overton faced an upset crowd Tuesday night, when he addressed citizens who gathered in support of the city's police chief.

This week, Overton Mayor Wade Silvey recommended the city council remove Chief Ed Williams from his position.

On Tuesday, about 40 Overton residents met at a community center to support the chief. Mayor Silvey told the crowd he believes the chief is a good man, but not the right police chief for the future.

"I really do believe it's a political move," said Dianne Sartor, a former business manager with the city. "I just believe that there is some inside information in the city that is negative, and I think Ed is nothing but positive."

   The mayor said his decision was based on some of the chief's actions, but said he would not elaborate on those actions because the chief still has the opportunity to have a hearing in closed session.

   The council will make their final decision at a meeting Thursday night.