The Perfect Hose: "Does It Work?"

If you have a growing family, being able to fit something big in a small space is a very attractive concept. Storage space is a very valuable thing, especially in the garage. And that's why the Perfect Hose is so intriguing. But, "Does It Work?"

The Perfect Hose packs 40 feet of hose on a lightweight, compact spool. We took it to some hose experts-- the Tyler Fire Department. The Perfect Hose is based on the same principle as a fire hose... a tightly woven mesh, covering a flat, pliable plastic or rubber tube.

The Perfect Hose also comes with a versatile spray gun. It unwinds just fine. Time to connect to the faucet. A "no-brainer", right?

"I'm not getting it on there," says Cpt. Ken Culpepper. Three others gave it a try, but the coupling just wouldn't fit the faucet. "Let's see if it will go on that other hose," said Ken. But it didn't work here either. "We buy new garden hoses and they screw right on there," Ken said. So we tried another faucet... and another garden hose. Neither worked.

Finally, in an act of desperation, we pull out the channel locks and turn it on. Not good at all. So we try to tighten it even more. "There went something. It split," said Ken. The coupling was cracked. Even broken, we managed to get a little water through it. "You're losing half your water back here," said Ken.

A few minutes later, we turn off the water, and as advertised, the hose deflates back to flat again.

How tough is the Perfect Hose's mesh exterior? Typical use would involve a few tight turns around trees. We gave it a little workout, and it started showing some wear and tear.

Speaking of that, we had stretched out the Perfect Hose one other time before taking it to the firemen and the little plastic piece that keeps the hose in the spool, broke right off. Still, Ken managed to get it wound back up and had no plans of stretching it out again. "In one word, it feels kind of cheap," says Ken. "Everything's plastic. It just doesn't have a good solid feel to it."

But when all was said and done, nothing else mattered after the coupling refused to screw on the faucet. "They're just standard nozzle hoses," says Ken. Ken gives the Perfect Hose a "no".

There are several hoses that do basically the same thing, but we want to make it clear, the one we tested is the "Perfect Hose."