Lon Morris Builds Future with "Hammer"

Lon Morris College in Jacksonville is trying to build a better future for fifth graders with hammers, nails, and electric drills.

It's called the "If I Had a Hammer" program. Fifth graders work together to build an 8' by 11' one room house in around two hours. Along the way, they learn math, geometry, geography, planning, and team work.

The creator of If I Had a Hammer, Perry Wilson, says he thought of the project after overcoming learning disabilities working as a carpenter

"I had a friend that had a little boy that was having a hard time with school. So, I started trying to teach him math in the way that I had learned math, by not taking it, but working with it. And that was kind of the concept initially and it's just kind of grown from there."

Every fifth grader in Jacksonville, Frankston, Rusk, New Summerfield, Troup and Bullard school districts will have the chance to go through the program this year.