Tyler Meter Maid Goes Unappreciated, Stays That Way

For one public servant, there are no smiling faces or thank-you's, only the satisfaction of doing a job that no one appreciates. That's the life of a meter maid.

Nobody likes to see them coming, and everybody seems afraid of them. Becky Boelkes is one of Tyler's two parking meter readers, and her job does not make her popular.

"The worst part is when you get someone who's pretty irate and yells at you," she says. "That's not much fun. I imagine they've had a bad day, they want to take it out on someone and we're right there."

Becky's been working the square for two and a half years, and writes on average over five hundred tickets a month. She sees a lot of people come streaming out of the businesses when she comes around.

"A lot of people forget about the meters," she says. "Some have egg timers set on their desks so they can come out and remember when to move."

People don't realize it, but Becky's more than just a ticket writer. She's a wife and mother, and uses her salary to help feed her horses and dogs. Her job is hard sometimes. "A lot of the people are really really nice, and then there's a few that have come out and told us how much they hate us. That's kind of a sad thing, but that's okay, we know they've not really mad at us."

"Not really," she explains.