Mortgage Scam Hitting East Texans

Home sweet home... that's what Emma and Arvil Nalls were hoping for. Firstime home buyers, they needed $15 thousand dollars. A need they thought would be met by Goldstate Mortgage after reading an enticing ad in a local paper.

"You apply for the loan and you either have to have a co-signer or pay $1,000 dollars up front," Explains Emma. "So, we asked how much in order to qualify? They told us a thousand dollars."

They sent the money, received a letter of guarantee but Goldstate never delivered the loan, "After they received our money they changed from calling us to an answering service," Emma regrets.

And the $1,000 dollar deposit is long gone. Familiar with this type of scam, President of the Tyler Better Business Bureau Kay Robinson knew the Canadian based company had already racked up 76 other complaints.

"The biggest red flag is that you have to pay money up from, an advanced fee for a loan," She tells. "It's illegal, you are not going to get a loan. They are just going to take your money and be gone."

Now the Nalls are left with their dreams put on hold for a while longer.

Always check with the Better Business Bureau before sending any'd be surprised what you might find. The Nalls say that Goldstate Mortgage is currently being investigated by the Toronto Mounties...who are expecting to make an arrest soon.