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City sales tax figures up 3.69%

City of Tyler sales tax revenues have increased 3.69%, as compared to this period in 2007 and increased 2.05 percent over 2007 year-to-date figures according to the Texas Comptroller.

The reported revenue of $3,520,336.36 is comprised of $2,346,890.91 in general sales tax revenue and $ 1,173,445.45 from half-cent sales tax revenue.  The figures represent receipts from September collections, as there is a two month period before revenue is reported.

The 3.69% current month increase compares to the statewide average for Texas cities of 4.01%.  The City has budgeted for 5% growth over the prior period.

"Tyler has continued to see strong sales tax revenues even as other cities around the country are experiencing dramatic declines," said City Manager Designate Mark McDaniel.  "This trend is a result of residents shopping in Tyler and keeping our sales tax revenue local."

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