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14 year old mourned after Anderson County train accident takes his life

A horrible train accident has taken the life of a young Anderson County teenager. It happened around noon, Saturday near the Long Lake community in southwest Anderson County. Authorities say that's where 14 year old Michael Colgrove was out shooting along the railroad tracks near the Trinity River just before he was hit and dragged by a Union Pacific train. KLTV 7's Layron Livingston was in Anderson County today. The investigation continues while a campus grieves.

"It was a very solemn, somber morning...a lot of students crying...a lot of teachers crying."

Principal Clint McLain says news of this weekend's accident hit home for everyone at Westwood High School. Here, Michael Colgrove was simply known as Mickey. Officials say Mickey and his stepfather, along with a high school buddy and Mickey's little brother got trapped on these tracks 20-30 feet above the river bottom.

Anderson County Sheriff deputies sat it was a probably Saturday's wind which prevented the group from hearing the train's whistle. By the time they realized it was coming, it was too late.

Too far out, the bridge too long - the three boys laid down on the outside of the bridge while Mickey's step-father dangled. The train passed, missing everyone but Mickey.

Back at Westwood, a photo of Mickey stands on a table in the lobby. Students write personal notes to him and the family he leaves behind.

"The fact that we had another one of our students right there when it happened...it was very traumatic for him," said McLain.

Remembering the freshman who was eager to begin basketball practice and to make the most of his high school career.

"He was a good student...one of the teachers said he was one of the best that he taught all day," said McLain.

Anderson County officials say CPS is also now investigating the incident. Mickey's funeral services have been set for friday at one at Evangelistic Temple in Palestine.

Layron Livingston, reporting. llivingston@kltv.com

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