Power of Prayer: The Bible Rap

It doesn't take a lot to get a group of 7th grades to perform for a camera, especially when it's their own song that is now available around the world.

The seventh grade class at Tyler's Grace Community School has their own song to sing, "The Bible Rap."

This all started when these kids were sixth graders... in Mrs. Ackerson's Bible Class.

"It all started with Mrs. Ackerson. She teaches everything with a cheer," says 7th grader Tanner Starr, "Mrs. Ackerson is a very unique, one of a kind teacher."

That unique cheer caught the imagination of one student and his father.

"I came home and said Dad, we have this crazy Bible teacher. She is really fun. She uses a cheer for everything. We've got all kinds of cheers, like we have one for Romans 5:8," says Grace 7th grader Benjamin Hinkie,  "And my dad said, oh, maybe she would be into the Bible rap."

"Yeah, we figured we all learned our ABC's with one song. Why don't we learn the table of contents of the best seller in mankind's history with one song because there is not one good one out there," says Todd Hinkie, Benjamin's Father.

A little work between parent and teacher and the Bible Rap was born. But not just another cheer in Mrs. Ackerson's Bible class. A couple of parents joined Hinkie and put their talents to work. They professionally recorded and mixed this classes version of the Bible Rap, which is now available worldwide on ITunes.

"It's really fun," says 7th Grader Regan Starr.  "It's sort of nerve racking just a little bit just to know you're on ITunes. Out there anyone can buy your music or anything. It's pretty...it's fun though."

"There's a verse in the Bible that talks about how God...even though you're young God can still use you, God can use anyone," says 7th Grader Emily Everett.

And these kids decided God wanted more than a song. Like most songs on ITunes, there is a download charge. These kids decided to take that money and dedicate to a mission project of their choosing.

This school year the students paired up and researched ideas... Regan Starr remember the oppression he saw when he was with his father on a mission trip in India.

"I was going to try to raise money for them to build either temporary sheds or get some money for food, water, clothing for their kids, school stuff," says Regan.

Emily Everett thought of the Chinese orphanage where her now adopted little brother once lived.

"And you can hear lots of kids crying and moaning and it's really sad because they don't get a lot of attention. For my idea I wanted to sponsor some kids in that orphanage and like buy toys and stuff for the kids because they don't have a lot of that, that kind of thing," says Emily Everett.

"Well at first all they could think of was well lets sponsor a kid for something. Then they started getting creative and being prayerful about it," remembers 7th grade father Todd Hinkie.  "And boy some of these kids have God inspired ideas. And I wouldn't be surprised if He chooses to use these guys and gals."

In addition to ITunes, the Bible Rap, with or without the lyrics is now available on CD.  No one really knows how much these kids may raise to help with mission projects at home and around the world.  But they do know more today about the Power of Prayer...regardless of age.

"Me, I think it proves that you're never too young to let God work through you," says 7th Grader Sterlyng Speed, "just let go and let God take you wherever you need to be.

In Tyler, Clint Yeatts, East Texas News.

For a link to the Bible Rap web site go the Know More section of kltv.com and look for the Bible Rap link.