Loop Construction Brings Tyler Traffic To Standstill

Tyler drivers spent longer on the loop Saturday than most of them would like. Construction backed up traffic, and reduced the loop from Copeland Road to Old Bullard to just one lane of traffic.

While stuck in traffic, Tracy Walker said, "I'm going to the French Quarter and it's probably taken me at least thirty minutes just from Troup highway."

Other drivers lamented the timing of the construction. Troup's Laverne Martin said, "Why did this have to be done on Saturday? It's the busiest day of the week."

Other drivers were puzzled as to the point. Tyler's Emily Smith said, "I think they're screwing up my saturday. I think the loop looked fine as it was."

Ron Brady summed up the experience by saying, "I can get through it alright. I just realize that the traffics going to be better."