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New details revealed in officer-involved shooting in Frankston

Jason Cumby Jason Cumby
Anando Robert Anando Robert
Officer Jason Ward Officer Jason Ward

Last night's shooting paralyzed the otherwise quiet community of Frankston. Today, residents are trying to get back to life as normal. KLTV 7's Layron Livingston went back to Anderson County today. He dug up some new details on what exactly went wrong, starting with a home break-in.

"I hate it so bad, but this is my place, and my daughter and she needs to be looked after and I'm the one to do it," said Danny Pletcher.

Danny Pletcher says this is the second time his next door neighbor, his daughter, has been broken into. When he got home yesterday, he had a feeling something was wrong.

"I was just about where that car is when they took off. I could tell they were in a hurry to leave," said Pletcher. Pletcher says he didn't recognize the car coming out of his daughter's driveway. He tried to flash his lights to stop them, but the suspects kept driving, so he turned around and followed them down FM 19.

He called 911, and Frankston Police began pursuit.

This was the scene yesterday when that chase ended, the suspects' silver Cadillac against a tree on Reed Street in Frankston.

One suspect, Anando Robert, was taken into custody. The other, Jason Cumby, took off on foot. Authorities say Officer Ward pursued Cumby on foot and found him around the corner on Meldon Street. That's where Officer Ward was later found beaten and without his gun.

Back on Reed Street, Henderson County deputies had arrived to assist Frankston PD. That's where they found Cumby with Officer Ward's gun. They ordered him to drop the weapon. Texas Rangers say he ignored the order, charged and fired, and officers returned fire. He went down in the street - a tragic ending this community wishes never happened.

29 year old Jason Cumby's body is currently undergoing an autopsy at Southeast Texas Forensic Center. 32 year old Anando Robert is in jail awaiting arraignment on burglary charges.

Layron Livingston, reporting.

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