Some Longview Restaurants Have Inspection Problems

Though inspectors say it was an excellent overall rating period for Longview restaurants, 7 still had problems making the grade... including Tony Roma's at 3495 McCann Road. Inspected on august 5th, it had six violations including unsanitary food contact surfaces and improper cooling and heating of prepared foods... Their overall score a B.

Six violations were found in an August 6th inspection of Chili's at 2800 Judson Road. Cross contamination of raw and cooked foods were found, and cold foods held at unsfae temperatures... Score a B.

Cafe China at 414 West Loop 281 was inspected on August 21st and found to have five violations including improper cooling of prepared foods, qand cold food s held at unsafe temperatures... They scored a B.

Unsanitized food contact surfaces and improper ventilation was found in an August 30th inspection of Canton's at 2010 East Marshall Avenue. Six violations were found as they scored a B.

Shone's at 500 Access Road was inspected on August 19th and found to have six violations. Hot foods were kept at unsafe temperatures and there was cross contamination of raw and cooked foods... Score B.

Inspected on August 1st, Morelo's at 1020 West Marshall had six violations including improper handwashing by employees, and cold foods held at unsafe temperatures... Score a B.

And Pizza Hut at 3124 Estes Parkway was inspected on August 8th and had five violations. Unsanitized food contact surfaces were found and improper sanitizing of utensils... They scored a B.