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25 years later, Dennis Alexander returns to face Daingerfield

Twenty-five years ago, Harleton Wildcats head coach Dennis Alexander never thought he'd be in this position.

"No, no, no," Alexander laughs. "I never would have dreamed that wherever coaching took me, I never thought it would be to coach against Daingerfield. This is a unique turn of events."

For the first time ever, Alexander will face the team he led to two state championships in the 1980s.

"I don't really look forward to it," Alexander said, "and not just because they're the heavy favorite. So many good memories there and so many things went on that I kind of don't look forward to playing them, but at the same time we're excited. They're the best team we've ever played, period."

Alexander left Daingerfield after the 1988 season. He says looking at their roster, he sees a lot on names he still remembers.

"I tell you what," he laughs, " there's a whole lot of bloodlines and genetics that was involved. I  can see the names  and found out who some of them were . It really feels good, I look forward to seeing some of the guys."

Twenty-five  years later, it's finally homecoming for Dennis Alexander.

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