Breaking the Budget: Are Pricey Campaign Adds Worth It?

In an effort to win votes, gubernatorial candidate Tony Sanchez is spending records mount of money on his campaign, more than 30 million dollars so far.

Incumbent Governor Rick Perry spent just under $5 million between January and June.

But are voters even paying attention to the high-priced propaganda? Channel Seven hit the streets Thursday afternoon to find out just how much voters knew about the candidates. Eight random people were quizzed. They were all asked who was running for governor of Texas and for the Texas U.S. Senate seat.

Out of the eight, one person did not know any of the candidates. Two people knew all the candidates and at least two issues on their platforms.

Two more women and two men were interviewed. Here's how they fared.

One woman in her thirties knew only that Tony Sanchez (D) was running for governor. She did not know his opponent, or who was running for U.S. Senate.

Another woman knew both gubernatorial candidates and both Senators, but pronounced Attorney General John Cornyn's (R) name wrong.

One man interviewed did not know any of the U.S. Senate candidates, but knew both gubernatorial candidates.

And finally, the last person surveyed knew only one gubernatorial candidate Tony Sanchez; and one U.S. Senate candidate, former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk (D).

Most of those surveyed thought the ads did not help them remember the candidates, and most felt the money spent on ads could be put to better use elsewhere.

In the November election, Ron Kirk and Attorney General John Cornyn will be on the ballot for U.S. Senator. Texas governor Rick Perry (R) will face off with Tony Sanchez.