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Retail outlook in Tyler very positive

In these difficult economic times, several new businesses have recently opened in Tyler. After an independent consultant looked at the city's retail market, the outlook seems positive. KLTV 7's Danielle Capper shows you why.

Shopping in Tyler - we've all been in the lines and seen the traffic on Saturdays. Now a study confirms it's not just Tylerites in the stores.

"Tyler, a town of roughly 98,000 people, has a primary trade area of over 400,000," said Kelly Cofer, CEO of The Retail Coach, which specializes in retail analytics and locational intelligence. "That means over 400,000 may drive into Tyler on a weekly basis to do their shopping and that's an incredible trade area for a community this size. We also looked at a regional trade area that consumers may drive in on weekends and once every two or three weeks - 800,000."

Their research shows those 800,000 come from as far south as Crockett and as far north as Mt. Pleasant.

"We see people from Athens area, we see a lot of people from Jacksonville, Winnsboro because they don't have the retail that we have here in Tyler," said Shannon Baker, the local Target manager.

One of those is Imo Gene from Jacksonville.

"I come every month to buy all my paper towels and stuff like this...all the pretty stuff I see," said Gene. The Retail Group can use their data on all of these visiting shoppers to attract an even larger retail and restaurant mix.

"Tyler is a large market. It is somewhat of an unknown market to a lot of national real estate developers that may be our strategy moving forward is to try and put Tyler in touch with these national developers," said Cofer.

Cofer will have some time to do that. His retail group has agreed to represent the city of Tyler for at least the next year. There are several national chains that Cofer believes would work in Tyler, like Saltgrass, The Macaroni Grill, Costco or TJ Maxx.

Danielle Capper, reporting.

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