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Monday night's storms cause accidents, wind damage

Last night's storms kept a lot of folks busy well into the morning, but KLTV 7's Layron Livingston found out today, it wasn't just the rain folks wanted to go away.

Water, water everywhere, causing traffic stops and rescue workers' care. 

"There's numerous overturned trucks, semi-trailers involved...there's several on the interstate," said Trooper Chad Skidmore.

Trooper Skidmore's first accident of the day- a pick-up truck, upside down on Highway 271.  The driver was taken to the hospital.  The driver of red Nissan was ticketed for speeding after hydro-planing and losing a bumper on Interstate 20.

"People don't know how to slow down," said Trooper Skidmore. Tyler Police Department says this morning's rain created several traffic flow problems - nearly 20. By this afternoon, they had already worked and cleared nearly a dozen weather related accidents.

"The storage room was right here, and the carport went all the way where he's at," said Kody Keith. In Hawkins, Kody and Jessika Keith battled a different element, altogether. 

"We were sleep....and woke up," said Kody.

"The house was just rumbling, and we didn't know what was happening," said Jessika.

"I told her to roll off onto the floor," said Kody. "...and bear crawl to the bathrooms."

"We got to the bathroom, and by the time we got to the bathroom, it was all over," said Jessika. They feared the worse. There was no tornado, but the winds were just as frightening, literally rolling the couple's carport up and over itself.

"It had three foot rebar, three foot long rebar in it into the ground," said Kody. The fence is damaged, but not the cars which were parked underneath.

"Our house is still here, and not too much damage to the house," said Jessika.  They're grateful today's storm, and all it took with it, has passed.

KLTV 7 Chief Meterologist Mark Scirto has said that there is more wet stuff on the way, so officials say give yourself a little extra time, slow down, and try to avoid those accidents.

Layron Livingston, reporting.

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