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Lufkin cemetery vandalized

A senseless and cold-hearted act of vandalism is what some East Texans are saying after dozens of graves and headstones are damaged at a Lufkin cemetery.   Investigators say it happened sometime early this morning at the McKindree Cemetery off Highway 103 on the east side of Lufkin. 

When family members came to pay respects to the graves of their loved ones, they found dozens of headstones knocked over, some destroyed, and thousands of dollars in damage.

"They haven't got much to do for entertainment if that's all they've got to do. Some of these stones are over 100 years old," said Howard Malone, who has family members buried in the cemetery.

Some markers date back to the Civil War. Generations of families are buried here.

"My mother, my dad, my brother, grandparents and two uncles are buried here," said Charles Mills.

In what is supposed to be a place of eternal rest, for relatives there is only confusion and anger.

"I feel anger. Absolute anger. These people are here to rest, and that somebody would come in here and disturb their peace,  the fact people have no values, no respect for a place like this is a major concern," said resident Amy Schultz.

Bob Hallmark, reporting


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