The Only East Texas Victim of 9-11 Remembered

32 years ago Bryan Jack, an all American boy, walked the very same Robert E. Lee courtyard where students stood in his honor Wednesday.

"In the 31 years I was at Robert E. Lee," says Alan Shumate, Jack's former debate coach, "I would classify Bryan as one of the greatest."

On this anniversary, Lee students came to know the 1970 graduate as a brilliant student, senate president and outstanding debater through the words of his proud debate coach Alan Shumate.

"It is a pleasure and it is an honor to mention the name of Bryan Jack," says Shumate.

Lee students first came to know Jack one year ago, that September day, when terrorists with a plane as their weapon hit his office building.

"Bryan was working at the Pentagon as the highest paid civilian," says Barbara Gabriel, "and he was on a business trip when the plane he was in flew back into the Pentagon which is very ironic and he died serving his country."

"And to be a part of his death it's very emotional," says Blythe Loggins, Lee student.

With flags in their hands and Bryan Jack's memory in the hearts, Lee students and teachers silently remembered.

"To die the way he died, I think surely this bench will represent a great deal to students and faculty," says Shumate. "I never thought it would hit so close to home," says Bonnie Varner, REL student. "But, it really brings into perspective and how small our world is."

Now set in stone forever. The words," In Memory of Dr. Bryan C. Jack, 1970 Robert E. Lee Graduate, Died September 11th 2001 - Pentagon Attack," though it doesn't begin to describe the Robert E. Lee graduate, the East Texan, the American we lost in Bryan Jack.