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Some gun enthusiasts stocking up before new administration in place

Some Texans are flocking to gun shops, stocking up on ammo and firearms.  In fact, sales at many stores in the state are up significantly among fears that President-elect Obama may tighten some gun bans. KLTV 7's Courtney Lane took a look at that trend here in East Texas.

Oscar Davila was out today, shopping for his first gun.

"Little bit of a fear, I guess, of what may be to come. You know, you hear all these rumors of what Obama may do. You never know, plus I don't have one and I feel it may be necessary just for home protection more than anything else," said Davila.

At Mack Wood's gun and knife shop, sales are shooting through the roof.

"Doing the taxes for September that I did in October seemed to indicate certainly the best sales of the year and possibly the best sales I've had in 22 years of being in business," said Woods.

For Davila, it's a race to buy before the future Obama administration could tighten up gun laws.

"All the different rumors about possible higher taxes on guns and ammunition and who knows what else, so it may be harder to get one as well," said Davila.

Obama says he supports a person's right to bear arms with reasonable restrictions.

"I heard him one time saying that he's not opposed to the second amendment rights but time will tell," said Woods.

"if he's going to try to take some away, he's not going to take them away from the people that's already got them," said Kyle Cooper.

Here are the facts - Obama did support a national ban on concealed carry laws. He also stated that once president, he wants to reinstate the expired assault weapons ban.

But that doesn't seem to be a concern for Wood's customers.

"We're not seeing a huge increase in sale of what some people call the black rifles or the assault rifles. But we are seeing a big increase from all walks of life in the purchase of hand guns."

Sales are usually up this time of year due to hunting season, but it seems fear is trigging those numbers to jump despite a troubled economy.

Obama is also in favor of restricting the sale of firearms at gun shows and stepping up background checks so guns don't fall into the hands of terrorists or criminals.

Courtney Lane, reporting.

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