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Free gas given away at Exxon on the Loop

Gas prices continue to fall. Get this - AAA says they're falling an average of two and a half cents per gallon per day. And for some East Texans, it fell to a whole new level - free. KLTV 7's Danielle Capper was at the pump today for this brief but fun blip of free gas.

"Gas and go - it's going down. If you want free gas, we have gas at the Exxon at Van Highway and The Loop in T-town," said DJ Ice of The Blaze. After announcing it on the radio instantly they appeared, cars and cars to fill up.

"Gettin some free gas, I heard it on the radio. I'm ready. I'm on E," Trevor Farrer laughed.

"It's going to help me a lot because I ain't got no money," said Carl Johnson.

"Gas prices, economy is a mess. You don't get this everyday. I mean, free gas - come on," said Willie Smith.

The Blaze took the term "full service" to a whole new level, with DJs pumping gas.

"We said were giving out gas and we are delivering on our promise right now."

"Times are hard right now. With the gas prices they were up, now they're going down, so anything helps," said Sherita Smith.

"Everybody can use a break every now and then. It's a good thing they are doing," said Josh Farrer.  

"The little money that I do have I don't have to put in the tank I can go to the grocery store or I can go anywhere else buy something else. It's a help It really is. It's a blessing.

The line was long, but there was a limited number.

"Number 70, I'm excited too. I need some gas. It's a big relief," said Chris Young.

"I am number 92. My daughter called me and said, you've got to get there, Dad, because they are giving away free gas. 40 dollars worth of free gas and I went 'Where?' She told me so here I am," said Keith Erwin.

They were all lucky today, but possibly the luckiest was the last in line. "I got the very last one," said Adrienne Mosley. "I'm glad just ready to get this gas."

"You're full and set to go, thank you for stopping by. Thank you!"

Within less than 30 minutes, all 102 people were picked, although it took a little bit longer for them all to get their gas.

Danielle Capper, reporting.


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