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Drum Minor: 5-Year-Old Leads JT Band

Five-year-old Omorrian Ford, a.k.a. Bam Bam, is not afraid to strut his stuff.

"He watches the drum majors dance down at the bottom of the stands in the third and fourth quarter and he always gets up and dances on the side," his mother Shaneka said.

John Tyler's drum major spotted Bam Bam dancing at a game and asked his mother if he could perform with the band. That was before the Mesquite game on October 17th.

Bam Bam's had happy feet ever since.

"I was real surprised," his sister Ariane said.  "I didn't think he was going to go out there and do anything. I thought he was going to be scared but he went out there and did it."

It's a family affair out on the field. Bam Bam's sister is a JT Brigadette.

"Everybody at school walks around asking, 'Is your little brother Bam Bam? He's so cute!'" She said.

Bam Bam's moves have brought plenty of smiles but for mom Shaneka the joy is multiplied. She recently battled breast cancer through chemotherapy for six months and is now cancer free.

"It's just amazing what God can do for me and for him," Shaneka said.

As for Bam Bam, he's clearly not shy on the field. He is proud to dance before crowds of about 10,000. But he was tight-lipped and shy when the camera rolled for our interview.

Bam Bam practices with the band about four times a week.The little superstar will be on the field for the Lions road game in DeSoto. He wanted to send the team a very heart felt "Go Cujo!"

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