After the Blast: An East Texan Reaches Out to a New Yorker

Along with finding faith, people also found each other on September 11th.

One East Texan in particular has a special encounter to share. Mashael Tonroy, manager of a Starbucks in Tyler, pours coffee for East Texans everyday.

But this time last year, Mashael saw one family's devastation first hand following the terrorist attacks. At the time, she was vacationing in Cancun, and learned a couple staying at her hotel lost their daughter in the World Trade Center attack.

"We were all in a state of shock," she recalls. "You can't even describe the feelings that people were going through because first of all you didn't believe it. Then the thought that they had actually lost somebody, and that we were so close to them. It's really a small world."

It took Mashael and other travelers three days to get out of Cancun. The family she met finally received confirmation that their daughter was dead.