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Racial graffiti spray-painted on walls of Kilgore High School

Kilgore High School Kilgore High School

Graphic profanity and racial slurs, spray-painted onto the walls at Kilgore High School, and officials are trying to find out who's responsible.

The graffiti - and we want to warn you, it's graphic - appears to be connected to the results of last night's election. In one of the spray-painted messages, there is a reference to a recount, and teachers and students say they are disappointed that things like this still happen.

Early this morning, parents and students arriving on campus were startled to see the racially charged profane messages spray painted on the schools gymnasium wall and near the tennis courts. The foul grafitti had many parents wanting to take their kids out of school.

"At first I was afraid for my child's life. I thought a riot or something was going to happen up there at the school," said Rochelle Tolliver, the mother of a Kilgore 9th grader.

"Why would you want to go put that on a school for the kids to see - all kids, not just the black ones and the white ones but all kids. Why would you want to do that?" said Tanya Beall, the mother of a Kilgore senior.

The school does have security cameras near the area, and that video is being examined to see if they can determine the identities of the people who might have done this. The grafitti has been cleaned up by school custodians, but parents we talked to today said the damage has already been done.

Bob Hallmark, reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com


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