Tyler Teacher Seeks "P.A.T.H." to Help

Last year, People Attempting to Help or "P.A.T.H." gave out groceries and helped pay the bills of more than 16,000 East Texas families. This week, P.A.T.H. is trying to raise money to keep those services flowing to people in need. Not everyone who receives that help is what you would expect.

This year, Carrie Cannefax is living out her life long dream, teaching. Last year, she lived through a nightmare.

"Some people hate living paycheck to paycheck. I dreamed of the day I could live paycheck to paycheck and not go another $200 behind."

Carrie was going through a divorce, finishing her last semester of college, while trying to raise two small children. She realized she couldn't do it on her own. "Part of it was embarrassment. I didn't want anybody to know that I was that desperate and that far behind. I didn't want people making judgments about me. But, I found that when I was able to get past that, it wasn't like that at all."

So, Carrie went to P.A.T.H. in Tyler. They gave her groceries and diapers, and paid one month's rent. Tuesday, in front of five hundred strangers, carrie said thanks at P.A.T.H.'s annual luncheon.

"The one thing I never dreamed that would be on my to do list was get on the internet, find out how you can get some food."

P.A.T.H. didn't just give Carrie a hand out, they gave her new confidence.

"I'm teaching school with children that need my attention and my love just as much as I needed P.A.T.H. that day."

P.A.T.H. gave out $300,000 worth of food, services, and support to people like Carrie Cannefax last year. If you would like to help during PATH week, you can call 903-597-4044.