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Gohmert, Eltife say they'll look for common ground to work with Democratic majority

President-elect Obama doubled the electoral vote count of Senator McCain last night, but here in East Texas, McCain won by a significant margin. But here in East Texas, McCain won by a significant margin, taking every East Texas county. Now that America has elected Barack Obama, what's in store for local conservatives, the Republican party, and the country?

KLTV 7's Courtney Lane went to find out.

Some McCain supporters are worried about the road ahead.

"I know exactly where we're headed, to socialism...America as we have known it in the past is gone," said Rayline Binion.

"I will support the President now but like I say, I was very disappointed McCain didn't get it," said Sharlene Morneau.

In last night's concession speech, McCain rallied supporters to unite behind president-elect Obama.

"He was incredibly gracious and he said everyone needs to get behind our President and work together cause we have serious problems to solve in this country and I think we can take our lead from Senator McCain," said Rep. Kevin Eltife.

Republican representatives say they'll continue to fight for what they believe in.

"We'll be working behind the scenes. I anticipate home bills where we can find some common ground with Democrats," said Rep. Louie Gohmert.

Their main message now is to unite instead of drifting further away from reaching resolutions.

"People out there are concerned about their retirement accounts and they're concerned about the future financial stability of this country. Now is not the time for partisan politics. Now is the time to put all that aside and let's solve problems and if the Republican party had solved problems in the past we wouldn't be having this interview tonight," said Rep. Elitife.

"President Bush has opened the door to socializing or nationalizing some of the financial sector. I hope and pray we'll end it here by the end of the year and President Obama won't continue that trend that's been started. So, I have a lot of hopes. I don't know what will happen but I know what I'll fight for," said Rep. Gohmert.

One McCain supporter and pastor put it into perspective this way:

"I look on the fact that God is absolutely sovereign over all things. When I woke up this morning He was still on His throne and He's the one I'm trusting in," said Pastor Don Cozart.

No matter where you're putting your trust - America is turning the page.

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Courtney Lane, reporting. clane@kltv.com

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