Tyler Agencies Ready For Heightened Alert Levels

On the eve of a solemn anniversary, the nation is again at "high risk" for a terrorist attack. The Bush administration Tuesday raised the terror alert warning to code orange, the second-highest level. Attorney General John Ashcroft says there's hard evidence of potential "specific attacks on U.S. interests overseas." He says attacks could also target "symbols of power," such as embassies, military bases and national monuments.

Tyler's FBI is on alert for a variety of possible problems. FBI Supervisor Peter Galbraith says, "There's not a greater danger that we've identified. We don't have a specific threat. We don't have a specific venue where a terrorist attack could occur. We just want to make sure we have our eyes and ears open to any type of potential that may be out there."

Tyler Police Department Chief Gary Swindle says the alert level means more to citizens than to their agency. "It just means that the citizens need to be more aware of their environment, such as strange people taking pictures of things that people don't take pictures of. Taking pictures of a water tower or a gasoline truck, anything out of the ordinary or unusual, call us. We're here to respond."

Despite the warning, Americans are being asked not to change travel plans or plans to mark the anniversary of last September's attacks.