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Republicans analyze losses; Palin says defeat wasn't her fault

"I wish the outcome had been different..never wavered."

While disappointment welled in John McCain's eyes, the party mourned the loss of additional power in Congress, as Republicans shed more than a dozen GOP seats across the country. Nationally, Republican turnout was the lowest since 1980.

"We fought as hard as we could - the failure is mine not yours," said McCain in his concession speech last night.

Some blame the ailing economy, a country at war, and the unpopular Republican president who congratulated his successor to be and commended John Mccain.

Several races in the Senate remain too close to call. While Democrats will still have control, Republicans are hoping election results don't give the Democrats a filibuster- proof majority. In the House, Democratic power has already increased.

McCain is expected to get some rest at his home in Sedona and serve out the rest of his term in the Senate, while Sarah Palin is already being touted as a future star of the Republican party.

Palin had this to say over critics who said she was a weight on the Republican ticket: "I don't think anybody should give Sarah Palin that much credit, that I would trump an economic, woeful time in this nation that occurred about 2 months ago, that my presence on the ticket would trump the economic crisis that America found itself in a couple of months ago and attribute John McCain's loss to me. Now having said that, if I cost John McCain even one vote, I'm sorry about that because John McCain, I believe, is the American hero. I had believed that it was his time."

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