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Youth vote turning out to support their candidates locally

Good or bad, this election has stirred up emotions and opinions. One group getting a lot of attention is the youth vote. All through the campaign, there's been much discussion on young voters becoming more energized. Historically, however, they are the least reliable group of voters. KLTV 7's Christine Nelson met with young East Texans to find out if that's really the case this year.

East Texas campuses are crawling with that 18+ demographic said to come out in large numbers on November 4th.

"I did vote," said Mindy Ross.

"Yes...not yet, going today!"

"Yes sir, I did vote," said Christian Banks.

Most of the young people we asked said yes, they got their vote counted, some even taking advantage of early voting.

"Because it shapes America, it shapes who we are and we need to take that serious," said Charles Taylor.

"...a right as a woman we haven't always possessed," said Jessica Hall.

But we did find, albeit a very small few, who did not vote and probably will not vote today.

"I'm going to try to, my precinct's in Plano so I might not be able to," said Steven Hawkins.

"Too difficult right now, I haven't decided who I want to vote for," said Juan Amara.

"I was going to vote but you have to sign up, and don't they have a deadline?" asked Wilbur Medina.

Medina is not voting, but still shared his opinion, saying the 44th President needs to help all economic classes.

"Even the lower class, higher class, middle class, everybody," said Medina.


"A lot of people complain and they don't vote, so it's like if you don't vote you can't really complain about it, if they don't do what you want to," said Dexter Whitted.

So for those few we found that will not have a voice in the form of a vote.

"It's the thought that counts, right?"

Wrong - now that it's election day.

Christine Nelson, reporting.

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