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One year old boy dies in house fire; mother talks to KLTV 7

A fire claimed the life of a one year old boy this weekend and sent his father to the hospital. The fire broke out on the 100 block of Choice Street at a Kilgore apartment complex around six Saturday morning. Today, KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley talked to the toddler's mother about her son's short life.

For Tamara Colbert, all that's left of her one year old son are photos and memories.

"He was a happy baby, and I loved him with all my heart and my family did too," said Tamara.

It was at this apartment where firefighters found Tamarian and his father Christopher. Fire officials say the fire started from a pot left on the stove.

"Everybody is really devastated, because we just couldn't believe it...I couldn't believe it when they told me he was gone...I didn't believe it," said Tamara.

Nancy Hernandez lives next door to Tamara and says she knew something was wrong when she heard noise coming from Tamara's apartment.

"We woke up to three large bangs on our wall..on the bedroom wall," said Nancy. "I frantically grabbed my purse and a blanket and I ran out here and I [saw] the smoke coming out through the roof."

Just one hour before the fire, Tamara left for work.

"When I left home he was asleep and his dad was getting ready to get in the bed with him and go to sleep. I was getting ready to when I left, everything was fine," said Tamara.

Tamara says through prayer she'll make it through this hard time.

"Keep our family and friends in your prayers because we need it and that's what we're going to need to make it through," said Tamara.

A funeral fund has been set up to the family at Kilgore National Bank under the name of Tamarian's mother, Tamara Colbert.

Christopher Wheat has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home.

LaKecia Shockley, reporting.

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