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Elementary School Kids Take Part In Their Own Election

Talk about starting early. Elementary students also got to vote in the presidential election - no, they won't count officially.But is a nationwide program to educate and encourage kids to one day take part in this civic duty.

KLTV 7's Courtney Lane takes us to Jacksonville West Side Elementary.

Tomorrow most of the nation will flock to the polls. But today, it was all about the kids.

"Barack Obama. He tries his best," said Bailey.

"I voted for John McCain because he was in the military," said Weston.

"Barack Obama because he can help our country and help the poor people," said Jorge.

"I voted for John McCain because my parents are," said Josh.

It's a national program called Every Kid Votes, with about 4 million children taking part.

"Click in the little white box underneath the candidate of your choice. Whoever you decide."

"I picked Barack Obama cause he's here to help the poor," said Hudson.

"I voted for John McCain because I trust him," said Ashley.

"Obama...because he could be a good President for us," said Noelia.

"John McCain because my mom likes him and I like him," said Brian.

The voting process is much simpler, showing kids a picture of each candidate. To make sure they know who they're voting for.

"The one on the right. McCain. Cause I like him," said Leonel.

"Barack Obama...because he visits the poor and gives more to them," said Karla.

"McCain, cause my mom and dad like him," said Gregg.

"Obama because I think he'll run the United States better than John McCain," said Georgia.

And no matter which way they voted...

"I voted for Obama because my parents did," said India.

"John McCain because my mom already voted for him," said Jamie.

At least they're learning the importance of it early on.

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Courtney Lane, reporting. clane@kltv.com


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