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Young local voters tell us why they're voting in this election

The Texas Secretary of State says as many as 9 million voters could show up to vote tomorrow just in Texas. One possible driving factor just may be the youth vote. Today, KLTV 7's Layron Livingston spoke with a few members of that young voting demographic.

They're determined to cast their ballots, many of them for the first time. Most know who they're voting for.


"I believe McCain has proven himself."

"I've been a Ron Paul supporter, and I'm going to be writing him in."

Some are still deciding.

"I don't know...whoever I think's better."

But on the eve of this historic election, one thing is certain - young people are concerned about the issues facing the country. For 20 year old Zach White, it's healthcare.

"When I get out into the work field, I'm going to be looking for benefits that have to do with medical and retirement," said White.

Amanda Mooney thinks,"More funding should go into schools because why are we paying more money for jail houses, when we could spend more money on schooling and getting kids better education?"

And of course...

"The economy..."

"The economy has been on like a total downfall these last 6 years, and it's time for a change."

Serious issues, requiring serious thought.

"When Obama and McCain talk about trying trying to fix the economy, the main thing they try to fix it with is taxes."

That's why Ubaldo Ramos says he cast his first presidential ballot ever for an independent.

"Nader was talking about other things...the federal reserve, the national bank and other things that cause inflation," said Ramos.

No doubt about it, civic duty is top priority among young voters.

"They're around more people are pushing them to vote, and calling for them to voice their opinions," said Kris Boyd.

"Before, I didn't vote. I didn't see that it was important...this election made me realize that, yeah, it is important," said Rana Khalifa.

...regardless of who makes it to the White House. 

Both candidates are expecting record numbers among the youth vote on Election Day.  

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